Irenenee is passionate about helping clients achieve their optimal health and vitality. She achieves this by creating an individualised treatment plan that may incorporate nutritional advice, herbal medicine, lifestyle changes and massage.

As a Naturopath, Irenenee treats the whole person not just the symptoms and has a particular interest in inflammation, gut health, hormonal and stress/fatigue related conditions.

As a mum of twins, Irenenee understands the stresses of motherhood and is passionate about helping women balance their hormones, manage stress, gain confidence and have more energy. She also loves helping families eat healthily so children can grow up to be healthy adults.

Irenenee has always had an interest in natural health and in particular herbal medicine. This interest motivated her to change her career from Accounting and Finance industry to Naturopathic Medicine. Irenenee decided to change her career whilst living in London as she saw first-hand the impact that stress has on your health.

She now loves helping people manage their stress and keep healthy and happy.

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